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Personal Accident Insurance

aka Sports Accident Insurance

Working in the fitness industry tends to mean you are constantly performing physical exercise, so what would happen if you should incur an injury due to an accident?

Could it be the end of your working career?

Personal Accident Insurance covers you for compensation should an accident occur whilst performing the activities listed in your insurance. This insurance goes very deep into different possible outcomes of an accident and can cover Accidental Death, Permanent Disablement, Loss of limbs and much more.

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Personal Accident

aka Sports Accident InsuranceFIND OUT MORE

Loss of Earnings

Optional With Personal AccidentFIND OUT MORE

Equipment Insurance

Protect Valuable AssetsFIND OUT MORE

Employers Liability

Legal Requirement for EmployersFIND OUT MORE


UK & Optional Overseas CoverFIND OUT MORE

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Personal Accident Insurance for Fitness Professionals

At Fitness Industry Insurance we offer a fitness personal accident insurance policy which can be tailored to your specific needs, protecting you should an injury occur or property is damaged caused by you or your clients. Personal Accident Insurance covers you for compensation if whilst performing the activities listed in your insurance policy you injure or damage property. We can also offer a selection of other fitness insurance policies which can be incorporated into your personal accident policy which include Sports Liability, Personal Accident, Loss of Earnings, Employers Liability and Equipment Insurance.