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Fitness Insurance Policies

Offering the bespoke insurance policies for the fitness industry.

No matter what your job role may be, if you work within the fitness industry then the perfect insurance policy is ready to protect you and your business.

All insurance policies are designed bespoke for the fitness industry and below is a list of the top policies. Provided by our trusted partners, these professional insurance policies will protect you, your participants and your equipment.

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Fitness Insurance Policies

Fitness Insurance


Personal Accident

aka Sports Accident InsuranceFIND OUT MORE

Loss of Earnings

Optional With Personal AccidentFIND OUT MORE

Equipment Insurance

Protect Valuable AssetsFIND OUT MORE

Employers Liability

Legal Requirement for EmployersFIND OUT MORE


UK & Optional Overseas CoverFIND OUT MORE

Insurance Policies for the Fitness Industry

At Fitness Industry Insurance we are conscious that due to the nature of the fitness industry, there is an increasing risk of a claims being made whether that is yourself becoming injured, a third party becoming injured or equipment breaking or being stolen. This is why we offer an array of policies ranging from Sports Liability to Equipment Insurance and general Employers Liability to make sure that all areas of your fitness business are covered.

The most typical insurance within the fitness industry is our sports liability insurance which has been specifically designed for professionals in the industry who require an affordable and reliable policy to ensure they are protected if a third party is injured in their class or during their training. We also offer Personal Accident and Loss of Earning Insurance Policies which enables you to claim compensation if a accident were to occur whilst working and as long as you are resident in the UK with the accepted qualifications and requirements this scheme is available to all fitness instructors.